SuVeechi and RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a fast emerging technology in India. With proper study, design and implementation, RFID can change the value-chain strategies in a historic way.

SuVeechi substantially invested in research, development and acquisitions and then gave birth to SuVeechi for extensive and exclusive focus. Thus SuVeechi was born expert with it's headway into this technology.

SuVeechi's SuSEAD (TM) Platform

Seamlessly integrating RFID technology into business applications requires extensive effort and integration techniques and is normally performed by middleware. SuVeechi goes a step ahead by adding another layer to the middleware, the asset management layer which standardizes the way resources are managed. This gives SuVeechi additional advantage to quickly come up with customized solutions.
Following is SuVeechi's Sensing, Eventing, Asseting and Disseminating (SuSEAD(TM))platform.

SuVeechi's RFID products At-A-Glance

All SuVeechi's products are named with the prefix 'Su' as it stands for 'good' in sanskrit and Success in general. Below is the complete portfolio of our products. In fact, SuVeechi's SuSEAD platform provides the necessary building blocks which can be put together to build any customized solution. Thus, any solutions, our valued customers think of, SuVeechi has 75% of it already in place thus minimizing the costs and efforts to come up with the solution. SuVeechi passes these benefits to it's customer.