Bio-Metrics form one end of the tracking spectrum in SuVeechi. SuVeechi has developed expertise in integrating the following Bio-Metric Technologies

Samartha, the parent organization fo SuVeechi, invested substantial resources in research and development and acquisitions and has given shape to SuVeechi for extensive and exclusive focus. Thus SuVeechi was born expert with it's headway into this technology.

Bio-Metric Solutions

Currently SuVeechi is offering Bio-Metric solutions for scenarios requiring highly secured access control that demand fool-proof and infallible identification mechanisms. Currently SuVeechi is offering two products

  • SuTAM-B - SuVeechi's Time and Attendance Managerment System that can integrate into the enterprise's HRM, Payroll system
  • SuFence-B - SuVeechi's Guard Patrol Tracking and Fence Monitoring System for gated communities, secured premises etc., that require strict patrolling.